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The 1st of SAMURAI Classics series. Shakuhachi Premier debut!


We have launched new Shakuhachi Premier as the 1st of SAMURAI Classics series that tell the spirit of Japan to the world.

In large-scale music Fair MusikMesse2015 was held in Frankfurt, Germany the other day, We have sounded the Shakuhachi Premier to flashy to venue.
It has been praised from many visitors and media of all over the world. adopted the velocity system of a new sense.

Shakuhachi Premier, rather than recorded a flat tone, you can directly rich variations play full of emotion playing.
Really fun to play on the keyboard, the sound is also really beautiful, one of the representable works of the PREMIER SOUND FACTORY.

Now on launching sale!
Cool Japan, and Toko Olympic is coming. Strongly recommend to get Samurai spirits

New product and MusikMesse2015 information


New! Percussion Premier has been launched
Here comes a new enjoyable percussion product!
As to the quality of the sound, we believe that it is one of the best.

Offering special price Only now.

Please check it out!

We will exhibit MusikMesse2015 as big festival of music
Musikmesse is the world’s most important meeting place for the musical sector. Here you will find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, product demonstrations and discussion events.

If you're going to the MusikMesse2015 in Frankfurt, visit us on Hall 5.1 Stand A23,

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deals on


Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deals

All 50%,40%30% OFF

5Days Deals!

Apology: "pending" had been a long period of time occurs


Thank you for your use of the PIANO Premier upgrade to many people.

In which, a problem that protection of the system in excess work occurs, Phenomenon that some customers may not be ready to start the download by the "pending" status has occurred.
For customers who had kept waiting a long time to release, we apologize for the inconvenience.

The problem has been resolved all currently.
If you have not download yet, can be downloaded from the following page.(After login)

Please pay attention to that file size is large.

I hope to continue to receive your kind cooperation.

The PIANO Premier has been upgraded


Since its launch, "PIANO Premier" as poster girl of PREMIER SOUND FACTORY had been gotten popular with many customers, It brushed up with the latest 2014 technology!
Texture intact, especially S/N ratio has been improved greatly.

in the sample individually the noise component of the trace amount stacked when you play like glissando playing noise becomes a large. disadvantageously noticeable noise when the pianissimo playing loud relative S/N ratio. Can be thought of as a sampling sound source manufacturer and destiny that has fought for many years, but, of acoustic innovation also remarkable, and has been greatly improved processing with the latest technology.

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