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Why We are particular about Bass library?

This is ichiro, sound engineer for all PREMIER SOUND FACTORY. I really grad you visit us and interested in our libraries.

In my opinion, The Bass sound should be,

enough strong power
uniform energy for all frequency
not exaggeration for bottom with effect
proper balance of attack and decay
not bumpy, even power and smooth level on each key
fat for even mid, high position
not too clear, not too distort, it has edge and drive.

the bass that meet these conditions will be the best library i can say. I really need it but unfortunately I could not find it, if it's even famous expensive one. some library is so bad that needs crazy strange EQ every time.

I everyday mixing tracks from many producers and I found many creators have trouble on bass. it's not an exception about veteran professional producers.

Bass Sounds is very important for total mixing, because bass has more power, you can add more power on other instruments mounted on bass. it will effect directly to master. it's much easier to make wide range and punchy mixing finally.

if you use cheap bass library, mostly it's very difficult to repair the luck of bass energy with any effect. that's because I think bass is more important than piano library. of couse especially in major session!

and do not neglect mid and hight range of bass in tracks. when you don't have special intention, use Bass Premier without EQs. it will give you satisfing result.

that's because we make new bass libraries. I hope you'll test us and enjoy Our bass libraries at the first. it's my pleasure than any other thing.
thank you very much.

Bass Premier 96k

Bass Premier 96k

Acoustic Bass Premier 2

Acoustic Bass Premier 2


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