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About HALion3

In some cases a bug associated with the HALion program file cannot recognize the sample files as appearing when installing the software for HALion listed below:

- Suitcase
- Wurlitzer48k
- Acoustic Bass
- Bass Premier Pack

The following instructions may serve as a solution.
First, check your version.
Then, update to version up to if your current version is older. (Free download available at Steinberg Japan)

1. Delete programs which can not read samples from the program list. (Right Click -> Delete)
2. On browser page, import programs again. (Drag a program file, such as Suitcase, final.fxp, to program list.
3. A dialog which reads [Some audio Files could not be found (xxxx samples). Do you want to search them automatically?] will appear. Then click [automatically].
4. A dialog [Some audio Files could not be found (xxxx samples) Do you want to search them?] will appear. Then click [Search] and choose a directory in which audio files are saved such as Suitcase, then click [OK].
5. A dialog will appear [Do you want to search with swapping File Extension?] (Use it when your exchange samples between Mac and PC.) Then click [Swapping Exchange].
6. Sample Search will start and complete when loading is done.

Probable cause for this issue could be:
- Older version of HALion
- Insufficient PC or insufficient memory

It has been confirmed that installing an older version of LCC may interfere in start up

with Cubase. Steinberg products are continuously updated, so please check the official Steinberg website to for their latest updates.

License Control Center Download(
(as of May 2008)

* Please stop Security software while installing LCC. If running, it may interfere with installation.

A bug in "Bass Premier Pack" and "Moog Premier" while using Cubase4

A bug occurs when upgraded to Cubase4, in "Bass Premier Pack" and "Moog Premier" that may interfere with sound output. This will not happen with other libraries such as  Wurlitzer, or Ac Bass.

Here is a solution for this problem from Steinberg.

Only the smallest numbered output (Stereo 1 on initial setting with HALion3) is effective with Cubase4. This occurs do to other programs which are set to Monoral Output (e.g. Mono 1) and does not sound due to output being disabled.

Please try these suggestions to resolve the issue:
- Change HALion's Out Program (center of GLOBAL menu) to Stereo 1 or;

- Allocate HALion 3 on VST Instrument, then [enable all output] by a button to set the number of output, which is located on the right side of [e] button on the same rack.

To use HALion with SONAR

Though we typically do not experience major issues in this area, due to our limited support with SONAR, we ask that you please request assistance to SONAR (Roland) directly for complete results in trouble-shooting.

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