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Tips & How to use Drum Premier

In this kit, all samples are allocated on all keys from end to end. Have a listen!

DRUM Premier is a multi disc program which allocates, on your keyboard, the genuine one shot sounds of the snare, kick, and other drum sounds. DRUM Premier is not a loop library.


Drum Premier Ver.2 Key map PDF



One Shot Key for snare and kick. Smooth strength shift with subtle velocity. Key without velocity. Roll Key that sounds only while being pressed. Key for brush play depending on snare drum that sounds both when hit and released. This timing of on and off makes wide range of tempo on brush play.


It is easy to open and close due to a classic setting which mutes each other. Each kind of hat have, 2 foot Hi-Hat, 3 on closed key, 3-7 on middle key, open key, and complete release key to make various expression. (Hi-Hat cup is included in CD)

There are normal strength hats on an octave lower and stronger hats on an octave higher.


There are various patterns. Velocity Key, a main snare drum, changes only nuance of harmonics by strength. Hot lots to suppress snare volume. Rim shot has the same pattern as when snappy at the back and brushed.
How to use ghost notes of snare is a point of live drum sampling. DRUM Premier includes 4 patterns of ghost notes which are common between all 6 snare drums to prevent changing nuance when replacing the sound. (You will be asked if there are some sample files which have the same file name. Those are the ghost note samples. They are the same, whichever you select.)
The original ghost notes for each snare drums are included and roll also.

Included Kit

Basic kit includes Hat, Ride Cymbal, and Snare.

However, the combination of kits depends on the users own preference. All parts in this kit can be arranged in the Parts folder.

Utilize various choices such as darker hats, longer sustain, crash, dividing tracks, making MIDI numbers, etc.

Tips of Sampling

Simple programs which have only one velocity can put users in the habit of always playing with maximum velocity 127. With Drum Premier, 127 produces a really strong sound. Maximum velocity may not always be the best option for some projects. Try various velocities to achieve a wider range of results for your projects. Enjoy DRUM Premier!

* Our DRUM Premier program is designed to be more user friendly, when compared to others, which may make it easier to convert to other samplers. However, PREMIER SOUND FACTORY can not guarantee sound quality or operation if converted to other samplers.

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