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Analog Drum Multi-Sample Library
NI Kontakt | exs24mkII | Battery | Structure (Structure Free)
96kHz/24bit and 44.1kHz/16bit

We channeled all of our engineering prowess into creating this uncanny beast! Multi sample drum libraries recorded on a Studer analog tape recorder, for the best quality transfer, using lots of analog compressors and analog EQs. Among the most elite and top of the line products engineered by PREMIER SOUND FACTORY, we pulled out all the stops and created a monster with this 1st instrument library in our renown Black Series line.

Demo Sounds

B3 Premier & DRUM Premier TAPE demo. Bass is B3 Foot Pedal bass. Drawbar setting order: 888000000 > 888800000 > 886643200 > add Percussion > 800000008 > 888888888 > 888800000
Played by Shinji Nakamura

Drum sound of previous work, Drum Premier Series,
It was the sound of the "plain" studio quality of modern, hi-fi.

This DRUM Premier TAPE is,
A special sampling sound that creation is perfectly finished from the beginning, Of texture core creators demands.

The name is similar, but the concept is totally different from both.

DRUM Premier TAPE Software Features:

  • Warm And Strong Analog Textures
  • Multi Channels Recorded On Studer A80 Analog Tape Recorder With Neve Console
  • Enhances The Feel of Digital Masters To That of True Analog
  • Multiple Velocity Drum Shots For The Most Realistic Drum Sounds
  • Recorded Using Highly Sought After Rare Vintage Drum Collections
  • Choose Between 2 Types of Mic Settings
  • Tight And Heavy Punching 70’s Funk Style Drums As Inspired By Herbie Hancock
  • Fat Analog R&B Style Drums As Inspired By D'Angelo
  • Punchy Kick And Snares
  • Razor Sharp And Fat High Hats
  • Pearl MX Kits: 1 Kick, 3 Toms, 3 Cymbals, And 2 Ride Cymbals
  • Choose Between 5 Snares And 5 High Hats
  • Engineered To Support All Styles of Music Projects

Vol.1 "Funk" Style

tight and powerfull. Amplex and Urei1176, NEVE 33609 roughness is included for a very fat texture!

Vol.2 "R&B" Style

NEVE to TAPE using the original shape with the uniqueness of tape soft and fat textures. Edited just a little bit with Urei1176,AVALON, Design AD2055, we made the kick sound more powerful and boomier.

16bit/44.1kHz is also available. you can use samples with MPC5000, MPC2500, MPC1000, MPC500.

compatible with exs24mkII, Kontakt, Battery.


NEVE 5315 Console,NEVE1081,NEVE33609,Urei 1176,Urei LA-4,AVALON Design AD2055,Ampex 351,Studer A80,Studer 926


Quantegy GP-9,499

Drum Kits

The basic Drum Kits are Kenwood's Denard Pearl MX Series Kit(3Tom,Kick.3Cymbal, 2RIde) different variations of snares and hi-hats are included.

*Pearl MX Series
Pearl's greatest MX 22inch Kick Kit. This is the kit that was used for Kenwood's Dernard instructional video and in the live performance with Meysio Parker.

Drum Premier TAPE
A (Funk Style)
Drum TAPE A kit1
Drum TAPE A kit2
Drum TAPE A kit3
Drum TAPE A kit4
Drum TAPE A kit5
Drum TAPE A plus (Roll)

B (R&B Style)
Drum TAPE B kit1
Drum TAPE B kit2
Drum TAPE B kit3
Drum TAPE B kit4
Drum TAPE B kit5
Drum TAPE B plus (Roll)

TAPE noise

SN: Ludwig Steal
HH: Zildjian A custom 14

SN: Pearl Brass
HH: A Zildjian old 14

SN: Pearl Brass2
HH: Zanco 15

SN: Ludwig Wood
HH: A Zildjian old 15

SN: Apolo
HH: Zildjian A custom 14

*Drum Premier TAPE is specialized for genres like hip hop, R&B, Funk.
If you are looking for samples for jazz, try the Drum Premier that includes brush sounds.

44.1kHz/16bit WAV files are also included. If you want to use them for the MPC simply assign the sounds to the pads

Drum Premier TAPE | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 1 GB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt / Battery
Avid Pro Tools Structure (Structure Free)

DRUM Premier TAPE is not like apple loop. You have to program the patterns.

How to Install

Program Specs

Recorded sample quality: 96kHz/24bit and 44.1kHz/16bit
Download Size: 643MB
Number of Samples: 96kHz 592 Samples + 44.1kHz 592 Samples
Sound Type: 2 types of mic setting. Funk style and R&B style
Number of Drum Kits: 1 basic Pearl MX kit (3 Tom, 1 Kick, 3 Cymbals, 2 ride cymbals), 5 snares and 5 hihat pattern
Number of Sample Velocity Layers: Max 19 velocities
Number of Keys: 20 keys
Channels: Kick, Snare, Toms are Mono and HH, Cymbals are Stereo 2ch
Available via: Download OR Mail order
(Please allow 2 weeks for international mail order delivery)

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