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ASR Attack
Premier Summer Sasle

ASR Attack

Price: US$37.33 plus tax

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ASR Attack

Single Shot Drum Library

This product has been discontinued.. Please check more powerful upgraded "ASR Attack TAPE"

PREMIER SOUND FACTORY proudly presents the ASR Attack drum library. The most powerful drum product in the world. Available in 3 styles: Dance, Mellow, and Nu Jazz. Use with caution.

Compatible with: All DAWs and Samplers that can read 24bit/48kHz WAV files
Recorded sample quality: 24bit/48kHz
Download Size: 104MB (Total Pack)
The Number of Samples: 1,673 Samples
File Type: 48kHz WAV file
Channels: Mono 1ch
Available via: Instant download only
(Not available for international mail order delivery)

Demo Sounds

Track: 1 (.mp3)

Before ASR Attack. Drum tracks are Reason3.

Track: 2 (.mp3)

After ASR Attack! and Bass was changed to Bass Premier Pack.


Track: 3 (.mp3)

Player: Yusuke Miyazaki

ASR Attck and PIANO Premier.

Track: 4 (.mp3)

Player: Katsuhiko Nakamichi

ASR Attack and Drum Premier. All tracks are PREMIER SOUND FACTORY software instruments.

ASR Attack Features:

  • The highest quality samples in the world, all made by professional engineers, using today's top of the line equipment and instruments
  • 24 bit/48 kHz recorded samples
  • Natural release sound technology
  • Quick and easy installation and set up
  • Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, and other DAWs
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Premium high quality one shot drum samples
  • 3 libraries including: Dance, Mellow, and Nu Jazz
  • Genuine fat drum samples made through Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler and the king of head amps, Neve 1073
  • Library of over 1,673 premium samples add the ultimate punch and power to your project mix
  • 80 Bonus samples included with single purchase of all 3 libraries
  • Engineered to support all styles of music projects

ASR Attack vol.1 Dance
If you are looking for a FAT sound ever!
Perfectly suited for hip hop, reggae, trance and all other hard-hitting club sounds.

ASR Attack vol.2 Mellow
A fine sound for all kind of music.
The more sophisticated a song gets, the better the drums you will need to make it sound complete.
These are the sounds you need to get that feeling of presence to your drum tracks.

ASR Attack vol.3 Nu Jazz
Your sound is largely decided by your drums.
Club jazz sounds, rides, toms, all those universal drum sounds are packed here, all incredibly close to that live sound.

ASR Attack Total Pack
Dance+Mellow+Nu Jazz & Private

With all these sounds you will have a wide range of choice to make exactly the type music you want.

ASR Attack "Private"
Including bonus 80 unreleased drum samples.

ASR Attack is mono sample files. it's not loops library.

SN Dance (110), BD Dance (80), SN Lo-Fi (104), BD Lo-Fi (60), SN Long Decay (63), BD Heavy (19), HH Close (76), Middle (39), Open (35), HH Lo-Fi (107), Cymb (37)

SN Mellow (122), BD Mellow (68), SN 808-909 (24), BD 808-909 (41), BD Boom (46), Claps (65), Snap (11), HH Close (66), Middle (30), Open (35), HH 808-909 (40), HH Foot (8), Cymb (36)

" Nu Jazz"
SN Jazz (40), BD Jazz (29), Rim (46), Ride (65), Tom (62), Shaker (56), Triangle (29), Tamb (24)

=Total 1,673

You need DAW or sampler that can read 24bit/48khzWAV files.

can not read 48kHz sounds on usual CD player. please check your device can read 48kHz.

This product has been discontinued.. Please check more powerful upgraded "ASR Attack TAPE"

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