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Bass Premier 96K
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Bass Premier 96K

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Bass Premier 96k

Electric Bass Sounds Library
exs24mkII | Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player) | Structure (Structure Free)

For producers and "Bass Premier" lovers, the next generation of electric bass libraries has finally arrived. Fully reborn in 96k/24bit, this library is a truly addictive bass playing experience. Not only has it been newly recorded in 96kHz, we have also powered up every aspect including textures and functions with latest aggregates of the technologies.

The Bass 96k library comes complete with 2 Electric Basses, including "Custom Jazz Bass" (5 string) and "Precision Bass" (4 string), engineered with emphasis on stability more than velocity, Stable energy for every key and all frequencies with no exaggeration allow optimum balance in all your tracks.

Rather than thinned out divided velocities, the even energy of Bass Premier 96k comes genuinely through every fret and keyboard. No EQ makes for the sweetest and fattest bass sound intensities imaginable.

Plenty of variations, slide up, slide down, gliss up, gliss down, and slap are equipped for each key controlled with key switches with sound change in 120-127 velocity range.

Touch noise and fret noise are abundant for an undeniably realistic bass feel. When switching to slap, touch noise also switches to touch automatically. In addition to the slide sound of each key, a large amount of the slides are also equipped in high key range.

We have proudly achieved the rich variations of sound that music makers truly want. Basses were recorded with NEVE1081, Teletronix LA-2A in 96kHz/32bit, and converted to 96kHz/24bit for Logic users with mastering technology.

Bass Premier 96k Software Features:

  • All recorded in 96kHz / 32 bit and converted to 24bit for Logic users.
  • Powerful feel of original flat bass sound with no EQ
  • 2 Electric Basses including 5 string custom Jazz bass and 4 string Precision bass
  • Custom 5 string Jazz Bass: The most basic, wide range sound, and easy to use bass.
  • 4 string Precision Bass: Strong power of Low end, especially for Hip Hop and R&B.
  • Real time control with plenty of articulation
  • Slide up, slide down, gliss up, gliss down, and slap for each key (Variations controlled with key switches with sound change in 120-127 velocity range.)
  • Vibrato with after touch
  • Mute with Modulation Wheel
  • Various slide notes in high key range
  • Various Touch Noise And Fret Noise (G0-A0)
  • Natural Release Sound Engineering

Key Switch

White Key
C0 : Slide up
D0 : Gliss down
E0 : Slide down
F0 : Gliss up

Black Key
C#0 : Normal Hard Touch
D#0 : Slap

G0-A0 : Touch Noise, Fret Noise
High Key Range : Plenty of Slide Variations

*The Articulations of key switch work between 120-127 Velocity Range. So soft, middle, hard etc, normal velocity layers are always available even if which key switch you selected.

Bass Premier 96k | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 2.14 GB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player)
Avid Pro Tools Structure (Structure Free)

How to Install

Program Specs

Recorded sample quality: 96kHz/24bit
Download Size: 1.8 GB
Number of Sample Layers: 10 layers (3 velocity layers)
Number of Samples: 876 Samples with no loop
Number of Keys: Max 42 keys plus 42 slide notes and noise
Channels: Mono 1ch
Available via: Instant download OR Postal mail order
(Please allow 2 weeks for international mail order delivery)

Why are we so particular about our Bass Library?

Bass Premier 96K

Greetings to all. I am Ichiro, chief sound engineer for PREMIER SOUND FACTORY. Thank you for your visit and interest in our sound libraries. I just wanted to personally share a bit about the importance of bass quality. We all know bass is one of the most important elements of great production, but perhaps not everyone may understand why. Quality bass is an essential in achieving the best mix possible. Because of its own natural power, you can add more power onto other instruments above that solid bass, making it easier to widen your production range and pack more powerful punch in your mix. These things will directly affect the final master of your mixings. The strength of powerful bass should ultimately be an even balance of energy for all frequencies of output. In my opinion, the common mistake of bottom exaggeration can affect proper balance. Proper bass balance will never distort while maintaining its edge and drive. Also important are the mid and height ranges in bass tracks.

For many years I have been mixing and mastering tracks for producers of all levels. One of my biggest encountered issues was bass trouble. This is purely an undesirable dilemma also when working with veteran producers. I couldn't seem to find enough power quality in typical bass libraries, not even the famous ones. Some libraries were so unbalanced and took a crazy and odd twist of EQ's every time before I was finally able to work reasonably with them. On the other side, having to repair the lack of energy was extremely difficult and time consuming, no matter what combinations of effects we used.

I encourage everyone to really put our Bass Premier Series to the test. While it also combines nicely with a bit of EQs to create whatever sound or feel you desire, EQs are not even needed over all. In the cases where there is no particular effect you may need, try it without EQs for a deep and satisfying feel of bass for your next project session. This is the quality and power our team constantly strives for every time we develop a new sound library. Thank you and enjoy testing our libraries and I'm sure that the quality of your product will convince you of our beliefs.

- ichiro
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