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Bass Premier Pack
Premier Summer Sasle

Bass Premier Pack

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Bass Premier Pack

Electric Bass Sounds Library
exs24mkII | Kontakt | HALion | Structure (Structure Free)

Remember back when bass was worthy of the term "fat"? Well PREMIER SOUND FACTORY has brought that fat back with the Bass Premier Pack. This authentic electric bass sounds library has it all including a 1977 vintage USA Fender Jazz Bass, a 6 string F Bass BN-6, and the USA Fender Jazz.

This is Out of order. Please check more powerful upgraded "Bass Premier 96K" Now!

Demo Sounds

Track: 1 (.mp3)

Drum Premier TAPE (HeadHunters Style: kit1) & Bass Premier (1977 Fender Jazz).
Bass by P-Bass

Track: 2 (.mp3)

ASR Attack TAPE & Bass Premier (1977 Fender Jazz), Wurlitzer Premier.

Track: 3 (.mp3)

Drum Premier TAPE (Voodoo Style), ASR Attack TAPE, Bass Premier (f Bass), Suitcase Premier.

Track: 4 (.mp3)

Bass is USA Fender & 1977 Fender Jazz Active Modified. (Drum Premier, SUITCASE Premier, Bass Premier)by Yuki Kanesaka

Bass Premier Pack Software Features:

  • Fatter Bass Sounds Recorded Using Mics And Bass Amps Instead of Lines
  • Choose Between 3 Different Styles of World Famous Bass
  • Premium Touch Noise And Slide Up/Slide Down Effect For Authentic Bass Sounds
  • 2 Types of Finger And Slap Styles For The Ultimate Feel of A Real Bass Playing Experience
  • Easy Thumb And Index Playing Style Options Via Velocities Switch
  • Accessible Vibrato Through Modulation Wheel
  • Natural Release Sound Engineering

Fender Jazz Bass

Modified 1977 Fender Jazz Active

1977 vintage USA Fender Jazz Bass tuned by New York's famous Mr. Sadowsky himself. Recorded with both finger and slap, the rare sound of the King of the Bass is now here.
A must have for all Fender Bass fans. (370MB)

f Bass

F Bass BN-6

The right product for any and all seeking a 6-string bass. This attractive bass has a unique fatness all of its own. Excellent for all genres and can incredibly hold the sound of notes lower than E1 with superior richness. Includes B0 - C5, 6-string f bass, 4 velocity 5 layers, and 2 libraries of finger and slap. (440MB)

USA Fender Jazz Bass

Current USA Fender Model

The most basic finger light version of the current Fender Jazz Bass. Easy to use 2 velocity key off noise also included. That classic USA Fender bass sound for all to behold. (66MB)

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A usual finger program layer stracture is

Ultra 121-127
Hard 76-120
Midium 46-75
Soft 1-45
The slap program structure changes in velocity since there is no Ultra nor Soft, but thumb(T) and index finger (P).
Index finger(P) 116-117
Thumb(T) 76-115
Hard 46-75
Midium 1-45

So if you play hard and soft right away, a pseudo hammer-on will occur. We also added 8 additional slap touch noises and and an easy to use bass. (other fret noise, slide patter, key off noise and finger programs are universal with others)

Detail Information

1977 Fender Jazz Active Modified

77 Fender Jazz Bass

Basic program 4 Velocity + key off 2 Velocity = 6Layer(E1〜D#4)
Slide 19 patterns(F4〜B5)
Touch noise 7 patterns(C1 3Layer、D1 4Layer)
Fret noise 8 patterns (D#1、C#1 4Layer each)

77 Fender Jazz Slap

Basic program 2 Velocity + Strap 2 patterns + key off 2 Velocity = 6 Layer(E1〜D#4)
Slide 19 patterns (F4〜B5)
Strap touch noise 8 patterns(C1、D1 4Layer each)
Touch noise 7 patterns (A0 3Layer、B0 4Layer)
Fret noise 8 patterns(D#1、C#1 4Layer each)

f bass BN-6

f Bass

Basic program 4 Velocity + key off1Velocity=5Layer(B0〜C5)
Slide 22 patterns(D5〜B6)
Touch noise 4 pattern(A0 4Layer each)
Fret noise 4 pattern(A#0 4Layer)

f Bass Slap

Basic program 2 Velocity + Slap 2 patterns + key off 1Velocity =5Layer(B0〜C5)
Slide 22 patterns(D5〜B6)
Slap touch noise 6 pattern(G0、A0 3Layer each)
Touch noise 4 pattern(F0 4Layer)
Fret noise 4 patterns(A#0 4Layer)

USA Fender Current Model


Basic program simple 2 velocity + key off 1 Velocity=3Layer(E1〜D#4)
Touch noise 4 patterns(D1 4Layer)

This is Out of order. Please check more powerful upgraded "Bass Premier 96K" Now!

Bass Premier | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 920 MB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt
Steinberg HALion3
Avid Pro Tools Structure (Structure Free)

How to Install

Program Specs

Recorded sample quality: 48kHz/24bit
Download Size: 750MB
Number of Sample Layers: 4 velocity layers and 2 slap layers and 1 Release layer
Number of Samples: 727 Samples with no loop
Number of Keys: Max 50 keys
Channels: Mono 1ch
Available via: Instant download OR Postal mail order
(Please allow 2 weeks for international mail order delivery)

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