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Koto Premier
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Koto Premier

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SAMURAI Classics | Koto Premier

Japanese Koto Complete Library
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Our concept is, "You do not have to buy another Koto library in a century." This professional Koto Premier is the most beautiful and elegant, and also the most varied Koto library in the world. Please enjoy obtaining unlimited inspiration with Koto Premier in 96kHz.

Koto Premier offers 2 types of Koto, (Basic 13 Strings Koto and Bass 17 Strings Koto) and 2 modes of Koto, (Modern Chromatic Scale And Classic Scale).

If you don't know about arrangement for Koto, do not worry. Our classic scale will teach you everything. A variety of typical Japanese scales are available in the white keys. Of course, it is easy to play free glissando and free tremolo with your keyboard!

Articulation variations

Nomal picking (4 Velocities)
Sukui (back picking, round-robin)
Tremolo hard
Tremolo soft
Oshi-hanashi (bend down)
Ato-oshi (bend up)
Tsuki-iro(choke up down)
Hiki-iro (choke down)
Gliss up
Gliss down
Gliss up & down
Sa-ralin (classic tremolo and gliss style)
Suri-tsume (pick noise)

Modern Mode: Chromatic scale
Classic Mode: Japanese classic scale
Hira-joushi (minor scale, high, middle, low)
Gaku-joushi (major scale, high, middle, low)
Haruno-umi (major and minor, high, middle, low)

13 Strings C2 - G5 (A#4 - G5 is from the special high key Koto)
17 Strings C1 - E3

New features:

2 types Koto (Basic 13 Strings and Bass 17 Strings Koto)

2 scales, both Modern Chromatic Scales and Classic Scales Available

The most elegant and natural sounds ever

Real time control with plenty of articulation

Articulation controlled with key switches in 120-127 velocity range

Free glissando with white keys

Free tremolo with up and down of the keys

Available plenty of FX sounds

Special thanks to Mrs. Mihoko Ono (professional Koto player)

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