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PIANO Premier V1.8
Premier Summer Sasle

PIANO Premier V1.8

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PIANO Premier

STEINWAY Acoustic Piano samples
NI Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player) | exs24mkII | HALion | Structure (Structure Free)

Since its launch, "PIANO Premier" as poster girl of PREMIER SOUND FACTORY had been gotten popular with many customers, It brushed up with the latest 2014 technology!
Texture intact, especially S/N ratio has been improved greatly.

in the sample individually the noise component of the trace amount stacked when you play like glissando playing noise becomes a large. disadvantageously noticeable noise when the pianissimo playing loud relative S/N ratio. Can be thought of as a sampling sound source manufacturer and destiny that has fought for many years, but, of acoustic innovation also remarkable, and has been greatly improved processing with the latest technology. For old user : Upgrade Version is here

The ultimate piano sound that everyone loves has been captured, recorded with NEVE mixers and NEUMANN U67 microphones, and made available at an affordable price. Utilize the marvelous sounds of STEINWAY as made legendary in some of the biggest Jazz albums in history. 88 keys, 788 stereo sounds, all in 6.5 GB. A whole Steinway packed in 96kHz/24bit.

Demo Sounds

Track: 1 (.mp3)

All instruments are PREMIER SOUND FACTORY sound libraries. Player: Katsuhiko Nakamichi

Track: 2 (.mp3)

PIANO solo with no effect. Player: Katsuhiko Nakamichi

Track: 3 (.mp3)

Clair de Lune - Debussy
Player: Minako Suzuki

Track: 4 (.aif)

A 96khz original AIFF file better than mp3. 51MB (download will take a few minutes.)
Player: Yusuke Miyazaki

Piano Premier Software Features:

  • Original Sweet And Elegant True Steinway Sound
  • Nothing Added or Taken Away During Production
  • Natural Feel of Original Wood Body Vibrations With 96kHz/24bit
  • Rich Resonation of Sustained Pedal On
  • Sharp Direct Sounds of Pedal Off
  • Automatic Pedal Sound Switching Via MIDI
  • Panning of Audience Viewpoint
  • Best Balance of Natural Velocity Resolution And Data Size
  • Max 20 Layers And 10 Velocities + Soft Touch Simulation
  • 3 Velocities of Release Noise Important For True Piano Sound
  • Engineered to support all styles of music projects

sampled instrument : Steinway O-180 (88key)

equipment : Neumann U-67 (Korby) x2, Neve1272

As an additional, the sounds returning damper pedal. now we do not need it but it's assigned F0 and G0 for future sampler's on off pedal trigger.

PIANO Premier | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 6.5 GB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player)
Steinberg HALion
Avid Pro Tools Structure (Structure Free)

How to Install


Program Specs

Recorded sample quality: 96kHz/24bit
Download Size: 4.8GB
Number of Samples: 788 Samples with no loop
Number of Sample Layers: Max 10 pedal off velocity layers + 10 pedal on velocity layers + soft touch simulation
Number of Keys: 88 keys
Channels: Stereo 2ch
Available via: Instant download OR Postal mail order
(Please allow 2 weeks for international mail order delivery)

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