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Shakuhachi Premier
Premier Summer Sasle

Shakuhachi Premier

Price: JP¥17,500  JP¥9,700
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SAMURAI Classics | Shakuhachi Premier

Japanese Shakuhachi Complete Library
exs24mkII | Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player) | *Structure (Structure Free)

*The structure version will be later


Shakuhachi Premiwe & etc DEMO

A user potsted nice DEMO!
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Just one note highly inspires you with reality. Under the supervision of the famous Shakuhachi player & creator, Mr. Yukihiko MITSUKA, our new development, "Expressive Whole Tone" and "Emotional Velocity" make a difference. With vibratos, transition of breath & blur, and change of strength & vibration, we proudly offer you the next generation of software instruments.

New features:

  • The supervision of famous Shakuhachi player & creator, Mr. Yukihiko MITSUKA
  • 3 types (different length) of Shakuhachi available
  • The aggressive and expressive Shakuhachi sounds ever
  • Amazing expression with our new development, Emotional Velocity
  • Real time control with plenty of articulation
  • Articulation controlled with key switches in 121-127 velocity range
  • Various decorative patterns for each key with professional grace note
  • Available plenty of FX sounds
  • Available Breath sounds at C3 (11 Layers)
  • Modulation Wheel CC#1 Volume Control
  • High resolution audio, 96kHz/24bit
  • Release noise automatically to perform true & real sounds
  • 64bit with 32bit compatibility PC
  • Full memory access MAC (requires 64-bit MAC)
  • Mac Intel compatible

3 variation types of Shakuhachi

Basic Shakuhachi Soprano: Isshaku Hachi-sun (54cm)
Soprano: Isshaku Roku-sun (48cm)
Tenor: Nishaku San-sun (69cm)


Mura-Iki, Yuri (Minyo), Hammering, Suri-Age (Pitch Bend up), Typical Professional Pattern (per every key) , SE.
We did not have to record a staccato as one of our articulations because you could obtain an ideal staccato if you have only to play it.

Velocity Map

121-127: Switchable Articulation Zone
101-120: Hard
71-100: Middle
26-70: Soft
1-25: Suri-Age (Pitch Bend Up)

The Articulations of key switch work between 120-127 Velocity Range. So soft, middle, hard etc, normal velocity layers are always available even if which key switch you selected.

Emotional Velocity System

Normal sound library's velocity

Shakuhachi Premier's velocity

*Photographer: Ozawa Akihiko, Artist: Zenyoji Keisuke

Shakuhachi Premier | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 1.2 GB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player)
*Avid Pro Tools Structure (Structure Free)

*The structure version will be available to all Shakuhachi Premier users soon.

How to Install

Program Specs

Recorded Sample Quality: 96kHz/24bit
Download Size: 1.1GB
Number of Samples: 724 Samples with no loop
Number of Sample Layers: 9 layers (6 velocity layers)
Number of Keys: 74 keys (Shaku6)
Channels: Mono 1ch
Available via: Instant download OR Postal mail order
(Please allow 2 weeks for international mail order delivery)

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