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Vintage Synth Premier2
Premier Summer Sasle

Vintage Synth Premier2

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Vintage Synth Premier2

Early Model Minimoog's Oscillator Sounds
NI Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player) | exs24mkII | Structure (Structure Free)

The fat, strong, and all around incredible sounds of an early model Minimoog re-recorded in 96kHz/24bit! Vintage Synth Premier 2 includes Triangle | Ramp | Saw | Pulse1(Square) | Pulse2 | Pulse3 | White noise | Pink noise.

Demo Sounds

Track: 1 (.mp3)

Bass Premier96k (Precision Bass),
Vintage Synth Premier2,
Drum Premier TAPE.
Synth by flatter

Track: 2 (.mp3)

Bass Premier96k (Custom Jazz Bass),
Vintage Synth Premier2,
Drum Premier TAPE.
Synth by flatter, Guitar by S. Nishi

Vintage Synth Features:

  • The Fattest And Most Aggressive Sounds From An Early Model Minimoog
  • Wilder Sounds Than Later Models
  • Brushed Up Sounds And Operation
  • All 8 Minimoog Oscillator Types In One Program
  • Direct Oscillator Sounds With NEVE Head Amp And Lavry AD Converter In 96kHz/24bit
  • Ready To Use Basic Modulations With MIDI CC
  • All Samples Edited To A Positive Phase Start Point For No Energy Loss
  • Mono Legato Mode Just As A Real Minimoog
  • Poly Mode With Velocities
  • +1 Octave And -1 Octave of Each Oscillator
  • Use 1 To 20 Oscillators With MIDI Channel Simultaneously
  • Long Loop Section For Natural Analog Feel
  • Total Freedom of Moog Sound Editing

Default Modulation

Mod Wheel - Noise Modulation
CC#21 - Filter Cutoff Frequency
CC#22 - Resonance (Filter Emphasis)
CC#23 - Filter Envelope Amount
CC#24 - Pitch LFO
CC#25 - Pitch LFO Speed
CC#26 - Amp LFO
CC#27 - Amp LFO Speed
CC#28 - Attack Time
CC#29 - Release Time

Choose Oscillators

Vintage Synth Premier2
*Click to Enlarge | exs24mkII step: 1

Vintage Synth Premier2
*Click to Enlarge | exs24mkII step: 2

Vintage Synth Premier2
*Click to Enlarge | Kontakt

Oscillators Wave Form

Vintage Synth Premier2
Triangle | Triangle +1 Oct | Triangle -1 Oct
Ramp | Ramp +1 Oct | Ramp -1 Oct
Saw | Saw +1 Oct | Saw -1 Oct
Pulse1(Square) | Pulse1(Square) +1 Oct | Pulse1(Square) -1 Oct
Pulse2 | Pulse2 +1 Oct | Pulse2 -1 Oct
Pulse3 | Pulse3 +1 Oct | Pulse3 -1 Oct
White noise
Pink noise

Total: 20 OCSs

All Synth Programs in demo are available now!
Download free and enjoy with spring reverb, delay plugins. (Kontakt4 only)
Synth Programs free download

Vintage Synth Premier2 | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 250 MB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player)
Structure (Structure Free)

How to Install

Program Specs

Recorded sample quality: 96kHz/24bit
Download Size: 230MB
Number of Samples: 98 Samples
Number of Sample Layers: 20 layers (No velocity layer. *Mini Moog does not have velocity)
Number of Keys: 109 keys (with loops)
Channels: Mono 1ch
Available via: Instant download only
(Not available for international mail order delivery)

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