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Wind Chime Premier
Premier Summer Sasle

Wind Chime Premier

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Wind Chime Premier

Wind Chime Sample Library
exs24mkII | Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player) | Structure (Structure Free)

All the elegant sounds of the beautiful wind chime instrument have been combined with the innovative features of PREMIER SOUND FACTORY engineering to bring you a whole new world of endless wind chime possibilities.

Demo Sounds

Track: 1 (.mp3)

Mark1 Stage Premier 96k, Wind Chime Premier and Drum Premier TAPE.

Key: Katsuhiko Nakamichi


A user potsted nice DEMO!
Thank you!


A user potsted nice DEMO!
Thank you!

Wind Chime Premier Software Features:

  • All New Style of Full Wind Chime Effects Via Keyboard Controls
  • Touch And Release Feature For True Wind Chime Instrument Experience
  • One Chime Bar Per Key
  • White Key Sample Assignments For Glissando
  • Soft Touch Mute Feature
  • Modulation Wheel Volume Control
  • Sound Designed In 96kHz/24bit For Top Quality Post Production
  • Mono Recording For Free Panning
  • Engineered To Support All Styles of Music Projects

Product Note: Mute feature on Structure. C0-F0 Key switch stops all sounds instead of soft touch.


Mic: Neumann U-87
HA: Studer 926
AD: Lavry AD-10

Wind Chime Premier | System Requirements

Required Disk Space: 235 MB

Compatible DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, and others

Compatible Samplers:

Logic exs24mkII
Native Instruments Kontakt(Not Kontakt Player)
Avid Pro Tools Structure (Structure Free)

How to Install

Program Specs

Recorded sample quality: 96kHz/24bit
Download Size: 140MB
Number of Samples: 62 Samples with no loop
Number of Sample Layers: 3 layers (No velocity layer. Soft touch trigger mute sounds)
Number of Keys: 31 keys (White key only)
Channels: Mono 1ch
Available via: Instant download only
(Not available for international mail order delivery)

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